Ultimate Winter Worksheets Preschool Bundle

Winter Worksheets: Preschool Bundle

PreK Winter Worksheets

Every year at the end of fall I start to frantically look for some winter fun for my kids. We plan outings, family story time, yearly traditions, but also some learning activities. I want these activities to be fun and engaging for the kiddos and something that they WANT and even ASK to do during the day.

This is where the Winter Worksheets: Preschool Bundle comes into play.

Let me introduce you to the ultimate winter worksheet pack for preschoolers.

This pack has literally everything that you could want for your preschooler to work on during the winter season: colors, fine motor skills, tracing, counting, letters, sequencing, puzzles, patterns, matching, shapes, coloring, and oh so much more!

But I don’t just want to tell you about it. I want to show you.

Winter activities for preschoolers

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But first…

Why do I need the Winter Worksheets: Preschool Bundle?

1. It will save you time!

Girl, I KNOW you don’t have time around the holidays! You don’t need to go looking for all the free printables out there.

I have done that year after year, and let me tell you, time is money. Your time is valuable and this pack has incredible value. It is WORTH it!

2. You can reprint it whenever you want

If you have multiple kids, it makes so much sense to get this winter worksheets preschool bundle. You can use it year after year.

But even if you have just one child, there are so many fun activities included in this pack that they can enjoy as toddlers and kindergarteners as well. So you will STILL use it more than once.

3. You need a few minutes

Are you tired of trying to homeschool your older children but your sweet preschooler is just wanting some attention (and showing it!!)? Maybe you just need some time to throw dinner together without interruptions. Or maybe you just want to sit and drink your coffee before it gets cold (again). This winter worksheets preschool bundle will give you a chance to have some much needed uninterrupted time.

Now, this obviously will depend on the age and level of your child, but if your child is a little older, these PreK winter worksheets will provide enough activities that your child can work independently while you are working with older kiddos or getting some things done around the house.

Winter Season Worksheets

So, now that we’ve talked about why you need it, let’s take a peek into what is included in the winter worksheets preschool bundle.

In the bundle, you will receive the:

Can you buy them separately? Yes, that’s definitely an option.

What are the benefits to having all? Well, winter can be loooong. You can use the Christmas activities in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and the winter activities once the holiday season passes.

Switching up activities always keeps little ones a lot more engaged.

What is included in each packet?

Dot Christmas Activity Pack & Dot Winter Activity Pack

I combined these two because they are so similar. The Christmas pack has 21 pages of dot marker fun and the winter packet has 24 pages.

Do a Dot PreK Winter Worksheets

Y’all, these pages alone will keep your kiddo busy for a LONG time. And guess what, when they run out, you can just print them again.

Christmas Activity Binder

Winter Worksheets Preschool

The Christmas Activity Binder and the Winter Activity Binder have similar activities, but I wanted to list them separately so that you could get a clearer picture of what you are getting from each pack.

Let’s take a peek into the Christmas pack first. Here is what you will get in this bundle:

  1. Line Tracing Page
  2. Winter Counting Worksheets
  3. Puzzles
  4. Sorting
  5. Dot Painting
  6. Shadow Matching
  7. Missing Numbers
  8. Shape Puzzle Activity
  9. Letter Matching
  10. Complete the Pattern Activity
  11. I Spy Counting
  12. Coloring Pages
  13. Number Tracing

Now let’s take a look inside and see in more detail what your child will be working on:

Winter Counting Worksheets

If you are looking for counting practice for your preschooler, this pack has LOTS of activities that will help your kiddo do just that. Here are some of the included counting activities:

Count and dot:

Winter Counting Worksheets

I Spy counting worksheet:

I Spy Winter Counting Worksheet

Count the pictures:

Math Winter Worksheets Preschool

Count and match to the correct number:

Counting PreK Winter Worksheets

Put the gingerbread people on the cookie sheet- numbers, word numbers, and base ten frames:

Winter Counting Worksheets for Preschool

Christmas Pattern Worksheets for Preschool

Choose the correct item to complete the pattern:

Patterning Winter Worksheets Preschool

Christmas Matching Worksheets

This a fun matching activity that the kids can do independently, but it can also be turned into a memory game that the whole family can play together. Just print on cardstock (or laminate) and the game can be enjoyed over and over again.

Winter Matching Game for Preschoolers

Match an item to it’s shadow:

Winter Season Worksheets - Shadow Matching

Writing Practice for 4 Year Olds

Tracing is the perfect pre-writing activity for kids. This packet offers plenty of opportunities for that. There are sheets that have your child trace lines and shapes as well as letters and numbers. The writing practice for 4 year olds is well rounded in this pack.

Writing Practice for 4 Year Olds
Writing Practice for 4 year olds - trace the picture
Trace the Number Writing Practice for 4 Year Olds

PreK Shape Activity

Match the gingerbread man’s head to his body:

Winter Season Worksheets

Preschool Letter Activities

Match the letters puzzle:

Letter Matching Winter Worksheets Preschool

Christmas Puzzles

Simple three piece Christmas puzzles:

Winter Season Puzzle Worksheets

These are just SOME of the activities in the Christmas Pack. There are also coloring pages, connect the numbers, match the color, decorate the scene and more!!

Now lets take a look at the Winter Activity Binder in this Winter Worksheets Preschool Bundle.

Winter Activity Binder

Here is what’s included:

  1. Winter Clothes Templates – Preschool Dress-up Dolls
  2. Puzzles
  3. Build a Snowman Sequence Worksheet
  4. Winter Counting Worksheets
  5. Dot Painting
  6. Letter Matching
  7. Decorate the Winter Scene
  8. Complete the Pattern
  9. Shadow Matching
  10. I Spy Counting Activity
  11. Shape Puzzles
  12. Coloring
  13. Writing Practice for 4 Year Olds – Line Tracing

Some of these activities you have already seen – which is great for reinforcing what was already learned in the previous packet. But, having new pictures and characters makes all the difference in keeping your kiddo engaged.

Here is a look inside the Winter Activity Binder:

Winter Counting Worksheets

Count and dot:

Winter Counting Worksheets

Sequence the number puzzle:

PreK Winter Worksheets - Number Puzzle

Count and match to the number:

Winter Counting Worksheets

Build number towers (1-20):

Preschool Snow Worksheets

Winter Clothes Templates Preschool

Help the kids get dressed in winter clothes:

Winter Clothes Templates Preschool

Preschool Snow Worksheets

If you are looking for preschool snow worksheets, this pack is THE thing for you. There are fun play-based pages as well as math and letter practice for your kiddo.

Snow scenery playset:

Winter Season Worksheets

Build a snowman sequence worksheet:

Build a snowman sequence worksheet

Build a snowman:

Build a snowman worksheet

Shape Snowman:

Winter Worksheets Preschool - snowman shapes

Help the penguin find his friends and help the snowman get out of the maze:

PreK Winter Maze Worksheets

Match the letters to the correct snowman:

Preschool Snow Worksheet - Letter matching

Writing Practice for 4 Year Olds

Trace the picture:

Winter writing practice for 4 year olds

Follow the line:

Follow the line writing practice for preschoolers

Identify the Color

Match the hats with the given color:

Match the color winter worksheets - preschool

Matching Game

Same idea as the matching activity in the Christmas pack, but has different pictures to keep things fresh.

A winter matching game

How to Put the Winter Worksheets: Preschool Bundle Together

For the dot pages, you can simply stick them in a folder to give them to your kiddo one at at time, three whole punch them and stick them in a binder, or even make a fancy spiral-bound book (that could make a fun gift too) using this spiral binding system.

Pro Click binding machine

Now, Let’s talk about how to put the activity binders together:

  • Download & print- If you are going to print double-sided, make sure that the last part of the binder that has all the pieces you have to cut out are printed SINGLE-SIDED.
  • Laminate- This is optional, but I would recommend to at least print the pages in the back on cardstock to make them a little more durable.
  • Cut out the pieces at the end of the packet
  • Attach velcro dots to the cut out pieces (This is also optional)
  • Put all the pages in a binder. You can also place all the pages in sheet protectors (Cheaper than laminating, helps the pages last longer, and your child can use dry erase markers to write on the pages without marking them up.) The page protectors provide perfect pockets for the loose pieces too!

Here is a great tutorial that shows you your options for putting your binder together.

The Ultimate PreK Winter Worksheets Pack

So there ya have it! Don’t miss out on the Winter Worksheets Preschool Bundle this season to help you get some down time while providing your kiddo with screen-free fun and hours of learning!

If you are looking for more Christmas fun for your kiddo, check out this fine motor activity post to find the perfect sensory bin that’s perfect for this season!

Winter Worksheets Preschool

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