Natural baby care products

The Natural Mama’s Guide to Baby Care Products

Preparing for Baby

You are expecting a sweet bundle of joy! How exciting! One of the tasks that lies ahead is preparing all the baby care products. It can be hard to know what products to buy and which ones are the best. Don’t stress, Mama! I’m here to help! After three babies, I have found some pretty amazing products for babies that not only work great, but are also natural and safe for your baby!

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Why Choose Natural Baby Care Products?

As you are gathering all the baby items, make sure you are purchasing high quality items and natural baby care products. Babies are more susceptible to toxic chemicals than adults, and unfortunately these chemicals can be found even in baby products. In the past sixty years more than 80,000 new synthetic chemicals have been invented and are used in the items that we use daily: food packaging, toys, baby bottles, makeup, cleaning products and clothes, etc. We don’t know how these chemicals are affecting us or our babies, so we need to be intentional about the kinds of products that we use with our littles.

If you want to read more on this topic, Health Affairs Magazine has a wonderful research article on it. But to stress the importance of using natural baby products, here are some of the reasons listed in the article for keeping those harmful chemicals away from our babies:

  • Because of their smaller bodies, children are more sensitive to exposure to chemicals than adults.
  • Babies’ metabolic pathways are not fully developed and cannot remove toxins effectively from the body. 
  • Children’s developmental processes can be easily disrupted. Levels of toxins that would have no effect on an adult can cause lifelong impairment for children exposed to them during a critical stage of development.
  • Early exposure to these chemicals means children potentially have more time develop chronic illness over the course of their life.

This information can feel intimidating and overwhelming, but don’t stress, Mama! You are able to control what kinds of products you and your baby use. I have compiled a list of some of the safest products on the market that I use with my own babies.

Natural baby products

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How Can You Know If You Are Using a Natural Baby Product?

There are many baby care products that market themselves to be “all natural” or “non-toxic,” but how do you know if the products that your have chosen for your baby are actually safe?

The Enviormental Working Group (EWG) is a great resource for helping you determine the safety of the products on the market.

EWG is a group that is determined to help families understand the ingredients in commonly used products in order to help them make safer choices for their families and the environment.

To find out about a product, go to their EWG Skin Deep page and type in a product. Once you click on the product, EWG will provide you with detailed safety information for that product.

You can also look at the EWG Skin Deep page and click on the “Baby” tab and find a list of products listed from best to worst in the different categories (bubble bath, lotion, oil, shampoo, etc.).

What Are The Best Natural Baby Products?

Below is a list of natural baby care products put together for you from this naturally minded mama.

My hope is that this list simplifies your search for natural baby care products so you have more time to rest and relax before baby arrives!

Let’s jump in!

Diaper Cream

I discovered Motherlove Diaper Balm with my third baby. I always hated using diaper creams because many of the ones we have tried were so thick and goopy. The Motherlove Diaper Balm is neither of those things. It goes on clear and smooth and is easy to wipe off your fingers.

This cream is made with organic ingredients and contains herbs that have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.

It is free of zinc oxide and petroleum so it is safe to use with cloth, bamboo or disposable diapers.

Don’t let the small size worry you! You need so little of it for each use that it lasts forever! I have had the same jar for over six months.

Bum Stick

I didn’t think twice about writing “Bum Stick”… oh how our brains change after having babies… But after proofreading, I realized that “Bum Stick” sounds like a very strange baby product…

Let me explain.

What I call a bum stick, is diaper cream in the form of a large glue stick.

This product is for sure on my list of diaper bag must haves!

When you’re on the go and might not be able to wash hands before and after diaper changes you want to have diaper cream in stick form. This way, you don’t have to touch any delicate areas with dirty hands.

The GroVia All Natural Magic Stick is perfect for preventing diaper rashes and is made with super clean ingredients.

Here is the ingredient list:

Grape Seed Oil, Beeswax, Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Rosehip Fruit Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Organic Calendula Flowers and Organic Olive Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Essential Oil, Roman Chamomile Flower Essential Oil, German Chamomile Flower Essential Oil, and Vitamin E.

Body Wash and Shampoo

Let me tell you, we have tried quite a few body washes and shampoos for our babies, but we keep coming back to Babo Botanicals. We use the 3 in 1 shampoo, bubble bath and body wash, which makes things so much easier.

It is made with the most gentle ingredients and has a very calming scent, perfect for those bedtime routine bath times.

A little goes a long way, so the bottle ends up lasting a long time. And it makes for great bubbles!


In my post about packing your diaper bag, I wrote about using wipes for All. The. Things. So I for sure buy them in bulk.

I get these Babyganics wipes because they are perfect for your baby’s bum, but these wipes are also great for their hands and face. When you are out and about with your littles, you will want to have wipes to clean their hands and face as well (like when Costco is handing out quarter PBJ sandwiches, and your kids will literally die if they don’t have one).

Little hands go in mouths ALL the time. Which is why you want to clean them without harsh chemicals. And with these wipes, you don’t have to think twice about what is going on their face when you clean them after a meal.


Sunburn is NOT something you wanna mess around with when it comes to your babies! Buuuut, sunscreen goes on their entire little body, so you want to make sure that whatever you are putting on them is super safe.

Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen is a really great option that has a “1” rating on EWG. It doesn’t have any harmful chemicals and is water resistant.

Because it is a physical block sunscreen (as opposed to chemical block), it does go on a little thick, so no need to use a lot. They also have a stick sunscreen that makes applying sunscreen to the face much easier.

Please keep in mind that you should not use sunscreen on babies younger than six months old. Try to keep younger babies in the shade and use hats and blankets to keep those sun rays off of them.

Coconut Oil

Many people buy baby lotions, but did you know that you can use coconut oil instead? What can be more natural than that?

Just make sure you choose organic, cold pressed, virgin oil so that you are not slathering your baby with unknown preservatives. This one is a great option.

More Baby Care Products

Along with the lotions and potions, you will need to purchase some other baby essentials to care for your sweet bundle of joy.

Hair Brush

What?? A baby needs a hairbrush? I think I laughed at that one when I was pregnant with my first.

But really, you need one.

If your baby has cradle cap (the little scaly looking things on top of their head), you can use this brush to help.

Just put a little coconut oil on your little one’s head and gently brush. You will need to repeat this process daily until their head clears up.

This brush is made out of beech wood and goat hair bristles which makes it super soft for baby’s head!


You will definitely need a stack of washcloths for your sweet baby. And it is worth it to invest in ones that you really like since you will keep using them as your baby grows.

These are organic, made from bamboo, are super thick and soft, and are a really good size at 10 by 10 inches.

Nail Clippers

When I was pregnant with my first I couldn’t find the most basic baby nail clippers (Ya know, pregnancy brain). But I did find these fancy ones with a light. I was super annoyed that I was spending a couple extra bucks on nail clippers with a light.

But, I came to love that light very quickly. Clipping baby nails is kind of terrifying and the extra light is everything.

When those nail clippers got lost, I just got your basic nail clippers, and to this day, I miss the ones with a light. A bit dramatic, I know. They not only had that awesome light but cut way better.

…I just talked myself into just buying a pair.

Moving on…

Thermal Thermometer

A thermal thermometer is a must when you have kids.

Trust me, it is WORTH the money.

A thermal thermometer is quick, accurate and super easy to use.

This one is really great because you can scan baby’s head to tell the temperature at any age. It also has an “ear mode” which is great for babies six months and up and is more accurate than the head scan.

Another really helpful feature is that it records the past twenty temperatures, so you can easily track how your baby is doing and if or when you should take action.

Nasal Aspirator

Little babies don’t know how to blow their noses, so you’re gonna need a nasal aspirator to help them.

The traditional bulb isn’t so great because there is no good way to clean it, and over time it can grow mold.

You definitely don’t want to stick moldy things up your baby’s nose.

The NoseFrida is a super easy to clean option. Kind of gross when you think about it, but also kind of genius. Make sure you get extra filters, since you have to replace them after every use.

Or, if you really prefer the bulb, this one is made out of hospital grade silicone to prevent the growth of bacteria, molds and fungus. It also comes apart for easy cleaning.

Baby Bathtub

A bathtub is another “must” when it comes to baby care items.

This one can be used for the first 12 months of your baby’s life. The best thing about this tub is that is can go in a sink, bath or shower.

It also keeps the baby warm by keeping them in an upright, seated position. Now you don’t have to worry about your sweet little one getting cold in the tub.


A humidifier is not something that you find on every baby care products list. It wouldn’t have initially been on mine either, until I found out that higher levels of humidity could slow down the spreading of the flu.

My third baby was born right at the peak of flu season, so I was doing everything possible to keep everyone healthy.

If there is even a HINT of science to show that a humidifier can help, I’m in!

And even if your baby isn’t born during flu time, a humidifier is great for helping with breathing any time your little one is not feeling great.

This is a great option that is quiet, has a dial to control how much mist comes out, is easy to clean and is lightweight and slim. Win!

Natural Baby Care Products

Finding great natural baby care products that actually work can feel stressful and overwhelming. But I’ve got you covered! With just a few clicks you can have the best quality natural baby care products at your door!

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Natural baby products
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Natural Baby Care Products

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