Simple Hot Day Activities for Preschoolers

Hot Day Activities for Preschoolers

“Moooom, it’s too hot outside! I’m ready to come in!”

“Nope, nope, dinner is not ready and you have been outside for only 5 minutes.”

If this conversation happens in your home like it does in mine, keep reading.

This article will not provide you with lengthy, crafty productions that take lots of prep work. Those things are great, but when you are in the middle of making dinner and need to keep your kids busy and happy outdoors, you need something you can pull out FAST.

Instead, this article will provide you with simple hot day activities that require almost no prep and will keep your kids occupied until you are ready for them to be done.

I am not suggesting that you leave your kids unsupervised! Please make sure that you can see your children as you let them run wild!

Wash bin with ice, cups and ladles. Text: "Simple Hot Day Activities with Kids"

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Hose Spray Down

The easiest thing is to turn on the hose and let your kids go crazy. They will find many creative ways to play with it. Yes, your child will get wet and most likely dirty, so make sure they are wearing a swimsuit (or their birthday suit…) and that you have a towel on hand as they get ready to come inside.

Preschool boy playing outside with a hose on a hot summer day.

Ice Cubes in a Bin

Dump ice cubes into a wash bin (I like this collapsible one… SO convenient), put some cups and a ladle in and you’re done! I was amazed at how long my kids stayed occupied with this hot summer day activity! Their favorite part was tossing/dumping the ice cubs over the railing on the deck.

A collapsible wash bin filled with ice, measuring cups and ladles for a hot day activity

Leaf Fishing

Fill up a kiddie pool with some water. Better yet, give your kiddo the hose and have them fill it up. Have your kids find some fresh leaves (fish) and put them in the pool. I know it sounds kind of gross, but I promise, this will keep them occupied. Next, give your littles a sand sifter and tell them to fish all the leaves out!

Preschool boy filling up a blue kiddie pool with water.
Preschool girl and preschool boy with a stick putting leaves into a kiddie pool.
Preschool girl and preschool boy using sand sifters to "fish" leaves out of a blue kiddie pool.

Enjoy the Hot Summer Days!

There you have it, Mama! I hope these three hot day activities come in handy next time you want the kids to stay outside a bit longer. Now, if you are looking for ideas to join your kids for some outdoor fun, check out this post. And if it’s just too hot outside, click here to read about how to keep your littles entertained inside!

I’d love to hear about how you keep your kiddos busy on hot summer days! Drop a comment below!

Boy playing with ice in a wash bin Text: Easy Water Activities for a Hot Day
Three kids wearing swimsuits and running in the grass while holding hands
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